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Some Harrold/Harrell Family Lines of Northern Virginia
On this page we will include some Harrold/Harrell lines that are from the Northern Virginia area or may possibly have ties to Northern Virginia. These will be posted as we receive them and follow with the documentation presented on this website. In other words, these lines are known to be from Northern Virginia but are subject to change as new data is received. There is, always, a margin of error.

Continuation of the line submitted by Dave Metz from The Richard Harrell's webpage Generation Report:
4. GILBERT HARRILL*: born 14 October 1721 Northumberland County, Virginia, married Phoebe.
Child of GILBERT and Phoebe:
5. HOUSAND HARRILL**: born 1740 Bedford County, Virginia, died between 1806 and 1809 Rutherford County, North Carolina, married 1768 Virginia to Frances Philadelphia Street
Children of HOUSAND and Frances:
6. PHILADELPHIA (DELPHIA) HARRILL: born ca 1770, died between 1840-50, married before 1790 Rutherford/Cleveland County, North Carolina to Rev. William Street. Rev. Street was born between 1760-70 Spotsylvania County, Virginia., died ca 1840-44 Wayne County, Missouri
6. DICEY HARRILL: born 1771 Bedford County, Virginia, died 1850 Rutherford/Cleveland County, North Carolina, married bef. 1806 Rutherford/Cleveland County, North Carolina to James Bridges.
6. SAMUEL HARRILL: born 19 June 1772 Bedford County, Virginia, died 25 January 1871 Rutherford County, North Carolina, married bef. 1806 Rutherford County, North Carolina to Susannah Hammrick.
6. JOHN HARRILL: born 17 April 1778 Bedford County, Virginia, died 18 November 1836 Rutherford/Cleveland County, North Carolina, married Nancy Bostic.
6. ELIZABETH HARRILL: born after 1779, married before 1806 Rutherford/Cleveland County, North Carolina to John Johnston.
6. STREET HARRILL: born after 1779 Rutherford/Cleveland County, North Carolina, died 10 November 1889, married Sarah McCombs.
6. EDY HARRILL: born aft 1779, married before 1806 Rutherford/Cleveland County, North Carolina to David Smith.
6. PHOEBE HARRILL: born after 1779, married before 1806 Rutherford/Cleveland County, North Carolina, married Thomas Reynolds.
6. GILBERT HARRILL: born 1784 Virginia or North Carolina, died 1864 Rutherford County, North Carolina, married 10 March 1803 Rutherford County, North Carolina to Martha Washburn.
6. RICHARD HARRILL: born 1785 Virginia or North Carolina, died 28 March 1857 Rutherford/Cleveland County, North Carolina, married 14 February 1807 Rutherford County, North Carolina to Artie Mincie Dobbins.
(*notes on Gilbert: Rutherford County, NC Heritage Vol. I; Ten Thousand Name Petition, Miscellaneous Petitions, 1776-77, Magazine of Virginia Genealogy, VA Genealogy Society Vol. 37, Number 2, May 1999;Bedford County, VA Deed Book A-1, 1754-1762, pg. 127 as witness to deed; Bedford Co., VA Deed Book B-2, 1761-1766, pg. 127- Deed from Henry Tate to Gilbert; Other Deed records in Bedford Co. 1776 & 1779, Gilbert and wife Pheby).
(**notes on Housand: The Rutherford Co., NC Heritage, Vol. 1 states birth, place of birth and death; DAR Patriot Index, Centennial Edition, Part 2, page 1317; Rutherford County, NC Abstracts of Will Book B, 1791-1813 compiled by Caroline Heath Davis, "B:229 Housan Harrill, 1 July 1806, July Court 1809; various other documents).

The foregoing family group sheet was submitted by Melinda Larson:
1. REUBEN HARRELL*: born 1750 Shenandoah County, Virginia, died 2 September 1825 Washington County, Virginia. Revolutionary War Veteran. Married 1770 Shenandoah County, Virginia to Rebecca Smith. She was born abt. 1749 and died 12 March 1842 Floyd County, Kentucky.
Children of REUBEN and Rebecca:
2. WILLIAM L. HARRELL: born about 1772 Shenandoah County, Virginia, died aft. 1830 Floyd county, Kentucky, married1; abt. 1807 to Theadosia, married2; 26 September 1818 Wythe County, Virginia to Susannah Florey.
2. NANCY HARRELL: born about 1774 Shenandoah County, Virginia, died bef. 1821.
2. JOHN HARRELL: born about 1776
2. JACOB HARRELL: born abt 1779 and died abt. 1853, married 25 February 1809 Wythe County, Virginia to Nancy Gray.
2. NATHANIEL HARRELL: born abt 1780, died aft. 1846
2. ENOCH HARRELL: born abt. 1783 Virginia, died aft. 1846, married Nancy Young.
2. JAMES HARRELL: died in infancy.
2. BAYLES HARRELL: died in infancy.
2. HANNAH HARRELL: born abt 1790, died 3 December 1873, married James Herren.
2. ROBERT HARRELL: born 1791 Wythe County, Virginia, died aft. 1842, married1; 2 August 1815 Floyd County, Kentucky to Lucinda Thruman, married2; 20 October 1853 Johnson County, Kentucky to Elizabeth Dixon.
2. REBECCA HARRELL: born abt. 1791, died 20 August 1875 Johnson County, Kentucky, married1; 20 November 1823 Floyd County, Kentucky to Henry Nunn, married2; 1 July 1827 Floyd County, Kentucky to James Pratt.
(* Notes on Reuben Harrell: Came to Montgomery/Wythe County from Frederick/Shenandoah Co. On Tax List by Thomas Allen for Shanandoah County. Revolutionary War Record # W 8926. Inventory of estate of Reuben Harrell found in unfiled records of Washington Co, VA court house by Garnett L. Hearl. Various tax records of Montgomery and Wythe County, Virginia).

Eight generation of Herrells, Herrall, Heral Family of Virginia and North Carolina 1784 to 2000. This family is believed to be descended from the Hugh Harrell/Harrald of Rowan County, North Carolina and from others in Northern Virginia; Frederick and Augusta Co. Need more information. Compiled by G. Lee Hearl (Formerly Heral/Herrall/Herrell, etc.)
1. HUGH HERRELL: born abt. 1760 Va. or NC. (This connection not proven Jan. 2001)
2. JOHN HERRELL: born abt 1795 NC (probably Burke County), died 1874 Mitchell Co., NC, married before 1820 NC to Annah Campbell. Annah died after 1880 Mitchell co., NC.
3. HUGH HERRALL*: born 10 January 1820 Burke Co., NC, died 10 June 1899 Washington Co., Va., married 1843 Yancy Co., NC to Lydia Charlotte McIntire. Lydia was born 8 September 1825 NC, died 24 June 1888 Washington Co., Va., d/o Joseph McIntire NC.
Children of Hugh and Lydia:
4. MARY MALINDA HERRALL: b. 12 Jan. 1844 Yancey Co., NC.
4. NANCY JANE HERRALL: bo. 15 Apr. 1846 Yancey Co., NC.
4. ANNAH ELIZABETH HERRALL: b. 16 May 1847 Yancey Co., NC.
4. VINEY EVALINA HERRALL: b. 15 Apr. 1849 Yancey Co., NC.
4. HARRIETT SERENA HERRALL: b. 11 Mar. 1851 Yancey Co., NC.
4. JOSEPH HAMALTON HERAL**: born 25 April 1853 Yancy Co., NC, died 14 Oct. 1909 Washington Co., Va. Buried on Heral farm on Rattle Creek in cemetery on hill near lake bed field, married 29 Sept. 1876 Washington Co., Va., to Mary Jane Roberts. Mary born 10 Feb. 1843, died 5 Jan. 1900 Washington Co., Va., d/o Henry Roberts & Elizabeth Warren;
Children of Joseph and Mary:
5. MILTON HOUSTON HERAL: b. 30 Sept. 1876
5. MARY JANE HAERAL: died at birth
4. JOHN SAMUEL HERRALL: b. 24 Mar. 1855 Yancey Co., NC.
4. JAMES MCDANIEL HERRALL: b. 9 July 1857 Yancey Co., NC.
4. MARTHA WASHINGTON HERRALL: b. 12 Oct. 1859 Washington Co., Va.
4. SARAH BROWN HERRALL: b. 29 Jan. 1862 Washington Co. Va.
4. WILLIAM Y.C. HERRALL: b. 10 Aug. 1862 Washington Co., Va.
4. ELIZA FRANCES HERALL: b. 10 Feb 1869 Washington Co., Va.
4. LYDIA CHARLOTTE HERALL: b. 6 Jul. 1872 Washington Co., Va.
(*Notes on Hugh Herrall: Family Records, Cemetery Records of Washington Co., Va., Census Records of Yancey Co., NC and Washington Co., Va.)
(**Notes on Joseph Hamalton Heral: Marriage Records of Washington Co., Va., Census Records of Yancey Co., NC and Cemetery Records).