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Information on Associated Families of the Harrells in Northern Virginia:
JACOB HARREL: We believe Jacob Harrel may be the number one potential clue to discover the identity of Richard Harrel. What do we know about Jacob? We know he was in Augusta County tithable list for 1746 when he was one of numerous people listed to work on the road ordered from Caleb Jones's mill down to county line. We know he was fined in Augusta County in 1747 for not attending as a witness in court. We know he witnessed a land deed transfer for Richard Harrel in January 1750 and we know he is probably not a son of Richard Harrel. We also know he is listed in the 1782 Tax List for neighboring Frederick County, Vrignia. (Note: See Northern Virignia Facts).

JUDITH and WILLIAM HURST: In 1749 Judith Hurst signed a land deed transfer between Richard Harrel, Sr. and Richard Harel, Jr. In 1751 William Hurst was tester to a deed between Jacob Harrel and Reuben Paget. Also in that same year, William was named the tithable road list for Augusta County. Who are they? According to Family Search, William Hurst was born about 1694 in Leckhamstead, Buckinghamshire, England; he came to America with his parents (Henry and Mary Bill). His father died in Orange County, Virginia in 1717. William married Judith Caffrey/Caffree about 1730 in Virginia. William died March 29, 1781 at Hawksbill Creek, Shenandoah County, Virginia Family Search records, Judith Caffrey was born about 1698 in Leckhampstead, England (this is questionable).

JAMES MCKAY: Robert McKay, the father of James, was among the first settlers of the Shenandoah Valley. His son, James, appears on two land deeds consummated by Richard Harrel, Sr. He also appears on the land transfer between Jacob Harrel and Ruben Paget. In 1746 James was on the tithable list for Augusta County. In 1751 he was appointed by the court to view a road in Augusta County along with Richard Harrel. James McKay was born about 1711 in Monmouth County, New Jersey. He married Mary Chester about 1749 in what is listed as Shenandoah County, Virginia (although it was Augusta County). He died in 1797 at Beckfort Parish, Shenandoah County, Virginia. His wife, Mary Chester was born in 1724 at Blue Ridge, Virginia. She was the daughter of Thomas Chester and Sarah Cartmell. the McKays died and are buried in Beckfort Parish, Shendandoah County, Virginia.

HENRY NETHERTON: He was a tester to the land deed transfer between Richard Harrold and John Harrold in November 1750. Family Search indicates Henry Netherton was born about 1710 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. They had a son named Henry Netherton, who was born about 1740 in Prince William County, Virginia. He died about 1800 in Jefferson County, Kentucky. Eventually there was intermarriage between the Netherton and McKay lines. The Nethertons and Harrels might have migrated to Augusta County at about the same time. Stafford County is one county west of the Northern Neck of Virginia. Prince William county is two counties west of the Northern Neck.

WILLIAM RUSSELL: The man who sold Richard Harrel his land along the Shenandoah River, was born in 1680 at Stafford County, Virgnia. He died in Prince William County, Virginia in 1756. William Russell owned all of the land in an area known as Sandy Hook (Orange Co., then Augusta Co., today Shenandoah Co.) Altogether he owned more than 6,000 acres. Later he would sell much of this land to Christian Bowman in 1737 (Orange Co.Deed Book 2, p.1). He and his wife Grace had four children: Katherine Thomas Russell b. 1711, William Russell, Jr. b. abt. 1713, Nicholas Russell b. abt. 1715 and Martin Russell b. abt. 1731. All four children were born in Stafford County, Virginia. The younger William Russell was also known as Capt. Russell. His land bordered Richard Harrell's land in Augusta Co. During the Revolution, William Harrell was said to have served as a scout for Capt. Russell.

JAMES HARRILL: At about the same time Richard Harrel was leaving Prince William County, there was the James Harrill family living there. James made a will dated 20 September 1756. His wife was the executrix of his estate. In his will he names his sons; John, Daniel, Moses, William, Gilbert and Samuel. In a letter to the Court of Fauquier county (this county formed from Prince William), the widow Mary asks to be relieved of her responsibilities as executrix because she is old and crazy. She asks that either her son Daniel or Capt. Houson Kenner take over the administration of the estate. We know there was a James Harrold who lived in Northumberland County, Virginia in 1703. We know the James Harrold of Northumberland County had a child out of wedlock with his servant Mary Chapman in 1704. Perhaps if that James and Mary were around twenty years of age in 1704, then Mary would have been nearly eighty in 1762 when she claimed to be too old and crazy to handle her husband's estate settlement. (Note: See Northern Virginia Facts)

JOHN HARRILL: John Harril was a witness to his father's last will and testament. He was also mentioned in the will of Houson/Howson Kenner. In Howsen Kenner's will dated April 9, 1778 and proved in Fauquier County, Virginia, he describes a tract of land he sold to William Seaton, land upon which John Bials and John Harrel were living.

CAPT. HOWSEN KENNER: Why did Mary Harrill nominate Howsen Kenner to administrate her husband's estate? Who was Howsen Kenner? Kenner was a Justice of the Peace for Prince William County. We can gather from his will that he may have rented land to John Harrill. Chances are, he also rented land to James Harrill. Perhaps if he were James' landlord, Mary would have found it very natural to turn to him for assistance. According to an extensive nine page internet posting on Genforum by Kiley Walbom, Howson was christened in St. Stephen's Parish in Northumberland Co., Virginia on May 10, 1712. Capt. Kenner is buried near Somerville, Virginia about 1/2 mile west of Rte. 610. (This might be the general vicinity where James Harrill lived.)

The following person who were associated with Richard Harrel have been investigated but no information was discovered concerning their roots: Leonard Burton, Walter Cunningham, Ruben Paget, Philip Emlie, John Kelley, Howard Gibson, Joseph Hoskins, Thomas Lann, Thomas Lenn, William Colbee and John Sellers.